Why Choose Cottonwood Family Medicine? Here at Cottonwood Family Medicine, our priority is to spend time with patients, answering questions, discussing concerns and improving your health while trying to find ways to save your health care dollars.

As of July 1st 2018, Cottonwood Family Medicine will have fully transitioned into a Direct Primary Care Model. Participating patients will pay a monthly membership fee, in exchange, patients will be able to schedule appointments with no co-payments and have access to office lab services. Cottonwood Family Medicine will no longer be charging insurance companies, but we recommend that all of our patients continue to carry insurance in order to cover the cost of care that might be needed outside of Cottonwood Family Medicine. Why would you want to pay for a membership fee to belong to a clinic that no longer takes insurance payments? The answer is multi-faceted and we will try to answer by giving both the clinics perspective and then the patients perspective.

In general, and observed at this clinic, insurance companies have trended towards being less helpful for patients and more demanding on physicians. Every year, patients enroll in a new plan that causes uncertainty regarding coverage and co-pays. The confusion requires placing either the patient or the clinic in financial jeopardy and at the mercy of the insurance company regarding coverage. Receiving payment is increasingly arduous and time consuming and gives the impression that the financial protection of the insurance company comes at the expense of either the patient or the clinic. Even Medicare, in a well meaning but misguided attempt to improve quality of care, has created a bureaucratic system that financially rewards or punishes a clinic based on it’s ability to submit forms correctly and not on the quality of care being provided.

However, despite the burdens placed upon the clinic, I am sensitive to the fact that Medicare patients may be less inclined to spend extra money on a membership service. But with the recent changes in Medicare prescription coverage, it is even more important to spend time reviewing medication lists in order to try and save patients money. A typical primary care physician will have less then 10 minutes with each patient to address your concerns. let alone take time to address your medications to try and save you money. At Cottonwood, we no longer believe that it is possible to provide quality care in our traditional health care system where the demands of the insurance companies outweigh the requests of our patients. So we have chosen to stop taking insurance payments in order achieve our goal of providing the highest quality of care, and spending quality time with our patients.