Cancer Screening

Be Proactive With Your Health

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One of the most important moves you can make to protect your health is to schedule regular cancer screenings. When it comes to cancer, early diagnosis is essential. Cottonwood Family Medicine offers a range of cancer screenings, including:

  • Breast exams and mammogram referrals
  • Cervical exams with scheduled pap smears
  • Colon screenings and colonoscopy referrals
  • Genetic cancer screening
  • Prostate PSA testing
  • Skin screening and biopsies

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Do you have questions about which cancer screening you need? Schedule a consultation, and we’ll make sure you’re up to date on your cancer screenings.

How often should you get screened?

How often should you get screened?

Typically, the frequency of your cancer screenings depends on your age and family history. You should always talk with your doctor about your medical history to determine which cancer screenings you need. Schedule a consultation at our clinic, and we'll make sure you're having the right cancer screenings completed.