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Cottonwood Family Medicine under the direction of Kirk Miller MD, has successfully helped numerous individuals achieve sustainable weight loss but more importantly a healthier lifestyle in Boise, ID. Weight loss is indirectly achieved by trying to set lifestyle goals that are realistic for the individual and the only way to set a realistic goal is to spend an abundance of time listening and understanding someone's lifestyle. Also, at Cottonwood, when desired by the patient, we can use lab results from the Cleveland Heart Lab, to monitor lifestyle changes using objective data.

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What can I expect with my weight lost consultation?

What can I expect with my weight lost consultation?

  • We allocate an hour for each weight loss consultation, so that any questions you have will be answered
  • Discussion of different weight loss diets- our diets are a combination of the Mediterranean Diet with the Code Red Diet or the Keto Diet minus some items that we think are unhealthy or inflammatory for patients.
  • Exercise plans are also created according to the desires and ability of the individual.
From a physician's perspective, the most clinically satisfying experience is witnessing the positive impact achieved by simply listening and sharing knowledge. It's amazing to watch patients not only lose weight but improve or reverse chronic medical problems simply by changing their lifestyle.