Struggling With Anxiety or Depression In Eagle & Meridian, ID?

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Cottonwood Family Medicine provides a variety of additional medical services to make sure you're feeling your best every day. We can help with mental wellness issues, such as

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
We can diagnose your issues, and then help you take the right steps to manage your symptoms.

Get ready for your upcoming operation

Schedule a preoperative exam with Cottonwood Family Medicine. We'll make sure you're squared away and ready for your upcoming surgery. From x-rays to other necessary tests, our clinic can do anything you might need to ensure you're good to go.

Cosmetic Laser Care Cottonwood Family Medicine Patients/Members receive a 50% discount on all of the Cottonwood Laser Care Services to include: Age Spot Removal Hair Removal Skin Tightening Tattoo Removal