Where Can You Find Hair Removal Services in Eagle & Meridian, ID?

Where Can You Find Hair Removal Services in Eagle & Meridian, ID?

Visit Cottonwood Laser Care for a laser hair removal treatment

You love showing your skin, but you hate shaving on a regular basis. Have you considered laser hair removal? Cottonwood Laser Care in Eagle, ID offers laser treatments to remove hair from any part of your body. Our laser disrupts active hair cells to slow the hair's growth. You'll see the best results if you have dark hair, and blonde or white hair cannot be treated.

You can reach us at 208-995-2876 to schedule your laser hair removal treatment.

What to expect during your laser hair removal process

Laser hair removal is quite a process, but you're sure to be pleased by the results. Here's what you can expect before, during and after your treatments:

1. Prepare for your treatment by shaving your hair down to a stubble
2. Your hair will become finer and require more energy to grow back with each treatment
3. You can begin your next treatment six to eight weeks after your first treatment
4. You must avoid exposure to makeup and sun before and after your treatment
5. At the end of a successful treatment cycle, you may require annual touch-ups

You can count on Cottonwood Laser Care to remove your hair with successive laser treatments.