Cottonwood Ketamine Clinic in Eagle & Meridian, ID

Cottonwood Family Medicine is excited to be hosting a Ketamine Clinic that will be managed and coordinated by a Medical Health Counselor and an Anesthesiologist. Intravenous Ketamine is an anesthetic that has recently been shown to treat PTSD and intractable Depression. It is also being used with some success for Chronic Pain, Anxiety and OCD. Ketamine infusions have been shown to have dramatic positive impacts on PTSD and Depression within a matter of hours. This immediate benefit is thought to be partially attributed to the psychedelic experience that Ketamine provides. Therefore, it is our belief that each patient should have a trained guide or licensed mental health counselor to help them create a positive experience. Without the counselor, it is our concern that patients would have a higher chance of a negative outcome. We also think it's beneficial to have a physician Anesthesiologist on site during the administration of the anesthetic.

Cottonwood Family Medicine will be the only Ketamine Clinic that intimately integrates a Licensed Mental Health Care Practitioner with a Physician Anesthesiologist. At Cottonwood, each patient will be screened prior to being enrolled in our infusions. Each infusion the patient will be privately guided through the experience with a trained counselor to observe and offer support.

At Cottonwood Ketamine Clinic, our goal is to offer more than just a Ketamine Infusion.