Who is a Candidate: Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, OCD and Addiction

Diagnoses such as Depression, PTSD and Anxiety that have not responded to Medications and Counseling


  • Ketamine works 70% of the time and it works fast, like within an hour
  • Multiple Infusions help make the changes more permanent
  • Cottonwood provides inexpensive intranasal 3 month taper ($75/month)

Why Cottonwood Ketamine Clinic

  • We use a Licensed Counselor during every session
  • We use an MD Anesthesiologist for every session
  • All of our sessions are private

Benefits by using Cottonwood Ketamine Clinic

Benefits by using Cottonwood Ketamine Clinic

  • The Anesthesiologist will not only adjust your basal infusion rate based upon your history and needs, they will also make multiple adjustments during each session to optimize the experience. This is a very different experience compared to being given a predetermined dose and then not making any adjustments during the session.
  • .The Counselor will keep each session constructive
  • You will have follow up after each session at no extra cost
  • Our goal is to provide the best product at a competitive price
  • We work inside a medical clinic