Who is a Candidate: Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, OCD and Addiction

Diagnoses such as Depression, PTSD and Anxiety that have not responded to Medications and Counseling


  • Ketamine works 70% of the time and it works fast, like within an hour
  • Multiple Infusions help make the changes more permanent
  • Cottonwood provides inexpensive intranasal 3 month taper ($75/month)

Why Cottonwood Ketamine Clinic

  • WE use a Licensed Counselor during every session
  • WE use an MD Anesthesiologist for every session
  • All of our sessions are private

Benefits by using Cottonwood Ketamine Clinic

Benefits by using Cottonwood Ketamine Clinic

  • The Anesthesiologist will customize your dose to optimize the therapeutic pyschosis
  • .The Counselor will keep each session constructive
  • You will have follow up after each session at no extra cost
  • Our goal is to provide the best product at a competitive price
  • We work inside a medical clinic